February 25, 2024

Tomorrow University

A university just announced the launch of a new immersive MBA program available in a native app for the Apple Vision Pro. Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is expanding its MBA in Sustainability, Leadership, and Business Innovation to the US, and delivering it uniquely through spatial computing. 

Tuition costs will cover the Vision Pro headset, but the MBA comes at a premium: the MBA X Vision program costs $21,000. However, the tuition also covers an 18-month, fully virtual program of on-demand lessons combined with once-weekly breakfast or lunchtime sessions.

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“To launch our native app and learning program in the US via the new Apple Vision Pro is a great honor,” said Tomorrow University (ToU) Co-Founder and Co-CEO Thomas Funce. “We want to give our students the opportunity to learn with the latest and best technology, and bringing our online community even closer is hugely important as we grow more internationally — the Vision Pro headset allows us to do just that.”

After gaining popularity in the European Union, the ToU created an immersive edition of its Sustainability, Leadership, and Business Innovation MBA, called the Impact MBA x Vision, as a native app for Vision Pro.

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“We’re certain of the potential of our focus on sustainability in business education, and going forward, companies that combine innovation with sustainability will outperform industry peers,” Funke added. “The tides are turning, with businesses that focus on ESG being more than twice as likely to grow revenues by more than 10 percent. Sustainable, digital transformation is imminent, so our mission is to support business professionals in upskilling now with our MBA. I can’t wait to meet the future leaders of the program.” 

The MBA is not only designed to be an immersive experience through Apple’s latest invention, the Vision Pro, but also to drive sustainability in business education. The aim of the program is that graduates will be able to lead organizations through environmental social governance processes, and then transform and grow businesses sustainably.

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“Tomorrow University’s launch of the Impact MBA with Apple’s Vision Pro underlines its dedication to redefining education and leadership within the business landscape,” commented Kai Roemmelt, CEO at Udacity, an online-learning platform. 

“This initiative is a significant leap towards building a community of visionary leaders in the US, committed to sustainable innovation and ethical business practices. Incorporating the Vision Pro into the Impact MBA program will enrich this mission, providing students with an exceptional and interactive learning experience.” 

Though the full tuition costs $21,000, the ToU offers Early Bird discounts and scholarships that could bring the tuition cost down to $16,000.