December 2, 2023

Yamaha has unveiled the Motoroid 2, an innovative self-balancing electric motorcycle. This latest addition to Yamaha’s lineup represents a significant advancement from the initial Motoroid concept bike that was introduced back in 2017. Notably, the Motoroid 2 distinguishes itself by eliminating the traditional handlebars, showcasing Yamaha’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of motorcycle design and technology.

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The Motoroid 2 showcases a conventional motorcycle design with the inclusion of innovative elements. The bike’s rear swingarm not only offers suspension support but also integrates a rear pivot.

This pivot enables independent leaning of the bike’s rear half in relation to the front. Powering the bike is a rear hub motor, while a battery positioned beneath the bike ensures an adequate range.

Unlike traditional motorcycles, the Motoroid 2 does not possess handlebars, a crucial component. Instead, it features rigid hand grips for the rider to securely hold onto. Steering functionality is provided by the front fork, which operates in conjunction with the pivoting rear swingarm to facilitate steering.

Remarkably, the Motoroid 2 is a self-balancing motorcycle capable of operating without a rider. It can utilize facial recognition and gesture control to autonomously follow an individual when operating riderless.

The Yamaha Motoroid 2 is equipped with a sizable centerstand that descends when the motorcycle decelerates for parking purposes. Additionally, the stand ascends automatically when the bike resumes motion. At present, no definitive information has been disclosed regarding the launch date of this model.

The Motoroid 2 concept is scheduled to be showcased at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show 2023, which will take place next month.

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