June 7, 2023

The largest variations between HuggingChat and ChatGPT lie in what we do not see: HuggingChat is an open-source model of an AI chatbot. It is also extra unreliable than its better-known rival — not less than in the interim.

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HuggingChat is open supply

ChatGPT is constructed on the GPT-3.5 structure and it is a proprietary know-how owned by OpenAI. The corporate does supply a paid subscription plan to entry its GPT-3.5 API, whereas the GPT-4 API entry is just out there by way of a waitlist. 

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HuggingChat, nonetheless, is an open-source know-how developed collaboratively by its guardian firm, Hugging Face. An open-source venture permits customers to entry and modify the supply code to enhance the platform and add new properties.

However HuggingChat shouldn’t be as dependable

ChatGPT’s coaching has turned it right into a considerably dependable AI chatbot — with some limitations. Synthetic intelligence is imperfect, so AI chatbots run the chance of hallucinations and misinformation. 

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HuggingChat is exceptionally vulnerable to hallucinations, a phenomenon that occurs when an AI chatbot responds with data that is not primarily based on actuality. Hallucinations are potential if the bot has points distinguishing actual knowledge from faux knowledge, or if it is skilled on a dataset that has errors. 

Google Bard is infamous for hallucinating and giving improper data, and, although it occurs to all giant language fashions, ChatGPT is much less recognized for hallucinating. 

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