February 23, 2024

The iPhone 15 in green (left), and the iPhone 15 Plus in pink (right).
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

What do you want from the next iPhone? Now is your chance to let Apple know by telling us instead. There have been many rumors about what’s next for the iPhone 16, which we expect to arrive later this year. The phone is currently in manufacturing, getting its ends polished off for approval by the big bosses managing all the not-yet-shipped wares.

We already covered what to expect with the iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Pro, like when it’s coming, how big it will be, and why it might be a better vessel for AI. The iPhone 16 will get more buttons, including a haptic-based camera shutter that lets you zoom in and out without touching the screen and an Action button on the regular iPhone 16. The iPhone 16 may also get a reconfigured rear-facing camera lens to help make Spatial Video content for the Apple Vision Pro. We are still waiting to hear about improvements to the display on the iPhone 16 or whether the iPhone 16 Pro will implement more titanium into the mix. But we know it will run cooler with some tweaks on Apple’s side.

What do you want, iPhone users? Do you want faster charging on the regular iPhone 16 or optical zoom on the iPhone 16 Pro that’s parity with the Pro Max? How do you feel about the new camera array, and do you care that the iPhone 15 had a slower USB connection than the Pro variant? I’m also curious if anyone out there is excited about the prospect of more AI-enhanced features within iOS. For instance, the current ability to adjust the blur in a photo after it’s been snapped is not unlike what Samsung and Google’s respective devices do with AI on-device. Do you want Apple to engage in the AI race?

Share your comments, concerns, and questions in the comments. I will review the responses in about a week to understand what Gizmodo’s masses are clamoring for. Tell this Android-based phone reporter more about what you, the iPhone user, want from Apple’s smartphone.