February 22, 2024

It’s fair to say that anyone hunting for the best webcam won’t find it attached to the top of their laptop’s display. Those who use a desktop computer and monitor might not even have a camera to use at all, let alone a good one. But there are ways and means to add your own and it doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition, either. That’s something very much proven by this deal that saves you $46.

Today, you can grab the Opal Tadpole 4K webcam at Amazon for just $129, no codes or coupons required, and same-day delivery is also available, depending on where you are and when you place that order. This deal doesn’t have any indication of when it will end, which means ordering sooner rather than later might be the wise thing to do here.

So what will you get for your $129? The Opal Tadpole 4K webcam supports capturing 4K video images, which ensures that you’ll look crisp whether you’re using Zoom, FaceTime or any other video calling service. Attaching it to your laptop screen or monitor couldn’t be easier, with an alligator clip-like design allowing it to grip onto slim or thick displays, and it’s plug-and-play with its USB-C connector. This camera also comes in black and white options so you can pick the one that best fits with the rest of your desk’s aesthetic. 

This webcam has a built-in microphone and it works with Macs, Windows PCs and tablets. One really neat feature of the Opal Tadpole for laptop users particularly is a tap-to-mute sensor on the USB-C connector that plugs into to your laptop. Tapping it turns on or off the Tadpole’s mic, which is much quicker than mousing around to find the mute or unmute button in your Zoom window. 

There are tons of great webcam deals available if the Opal Tadpole isn’t for you, and there are definitely cheaper options if you don’t need 4K support.

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