February 22, 2024

TikTok, the Chinese short-video making app, has recently implemented layoffs as part of its cost reduction strategy. The company has requested a specific number of employees to leave, primarily from the sales and advertising division.

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NPR reports that the affected employees were based in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and various global locations, with approximately 60 individuals being asked to depart.

However, alternative sources indicate that the number of laid-off workers at TikTok could be “at least” 100. In response to the layoff announcement, TikTok had planned to organize a town-hall meeting, as mentioned in the report.

TikTok currently employs approximately 7,000 individuals within the United States, while boasting a user base of over 150 million active users in the country. This decision comes in the wake of numerous workforce reductions witnessed across various tech giants throughout the year, such as Google, Amazon, Unity, and Discord.

According to reports, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has cautioned employees to prepare for additional job reductions in the coming year. Additionally, it has been reported that YouTube will be letting go of a minimum of 100 employees from its creator management and operations teams.

In the current year, close to 62 technology companies have terminated the employment of over 10,000 individuals.

Throughout the years 2022 and 2023, tech companies worldwide, including startups, have let go of a staggering number of 425,000 employees. Notably, within this timeframe, India witnessed the dismissal of more than 36,000 employees.

TikTok is currently being sued by the state of Iowa in the United States. The lawsuit alleges that the platform has misled parents about the nature of the content that can be accessed by children.

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird asserts that the TikTok application includes explicit sexual content, nudity, profanity, crude humor, mature and suggestive themes, along with references to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

The legal action additionally claims that TikTok intentionally evades parental controls on Apple devices by categorizing its app as appropriate for ages 12 and older, when it should truly be rated for ages 17 and older. This mischaracterization enables numerous children to freely download the app without any limitations imposed by their parents.

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