June 7, 2023

If NPR would not begin tweeting as NPR once more, Elon will discover another person to do it.

Twitter has a King, and everybody else is a serf. If you happen to do not use the platform the way in which CEO and owner-aboard Elon Musk desires, he’ll toss you off and re-assign your deal with to somebody he likes. NPR is as soon as once more in Musk’s crosshairs for merely strolling away from the platform after the final spherical of harassment.

First, Musk determined he needed to undermine NPR’s credibility and had Twitter declare them state-supported media, like his valuable RT. The distinction is that NPR is public radio and never authorities radio, and nobody with the slightest little bit of a clue took kindly to Elon making an attempt to blur that distinction. It’s unclear why Musk would wish to blur that distinction, as his actions are chasing his customers away!

Musk appears so determined to get media establishments and huge firms to make use of his platform once more that he’ll threaten them. Having destroyed the verification system that allowed folks to belief considerably {that a} tweet was from whom it presupposed to be, Musk is now rooting out and harassing the very Twitter accounts he wants to avoid wasting him. Advertisers will not come again if the media is not there to face subsequent to.


In an unprompted Tuesday electronic mail, Musk wrote: “So is NPR going to begin posting on Twitter once more, or ought to we reassign @NPR to a different firm?”

Underneath Twitter’s phrases of service, an account’s inactivity relies on logging in, not tweeting. These guidelines state that an account should be logged into at the least each 30 days, and that “extended inactivity” may end up in it being completely eliminated.

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