February 26, 2024

Get an Offcloud lifetime subscription for 80% off. 

Browsing the internet, downloading videos, accessing streaming content — these are things a lot of us want to do, but many of us are restricted from in various ways on a day-to-day basis. 

For those who want to open up their online experiences, this Offcloud lifetime subscription is on sale for just $40.

Offcloud is designed to help users unlock “everything” they need on the web. Some of the actions it helps users do include unlocking file-hosting and streaming sites, accessing and fetching from Usenet and newsgroups, backing up videos from YouTube, converting SoundCloud entries to MP3 files, and downloading securely from BitTorrent. If you know someone in your life who thrives on downloading and roaming the internet freely, then this might be the ideal holiday gift to grab them. 

It comes well-reviewed and convenient with a Zapier integration that makes uploading and syncing from Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive a breeze. It also enables syncing to NAS (Network Attached Storage, WebDAV, or FTP. Offcloud supports unlimited remote uploads, 50GB of cloud space, 1TB of proxy bandwidth, premium file hosting sites, and a whole lot more. It truly is a widely applicable tool. 

Get this Offcloud lifetime subscription, on sale for just $40.