June 9, 2023

Charlie is not referred to as a “unicorn” due to a horn on his head; it is as a result of he is so uncommon. He is a male calico cat.

He was present in a Humane Society facility in Loveland, Colorado, which posted a Fb put up about him.

Virtually all calico cats, that are tricolor, are feminine. It’s because the genetic dedication of their coloring is on their X chromosomes, in line with the Newsweek article about Charlie:

“Feminine mammals have two X chromosomes (XX), whereas males have one X and one Y (XY), inheriting the Y from their fathers. In feminine calicos, one of many colours is normally resulting from their mom’s X chromosome, and the opposite coloration is as a result of father’s X chromosome. Male XY calicos subsequently can not develop the patchy tricolor coats, as they solely have the gene for one of many colours.”

In keeping with that article, Charlie’s uncommon coloring may be the results of Klinefelter Syndrome, wherein males have an additional X chromosome (XXY), accounting for the additional coloration. It could even have arisen from chimerism, wherein completely different cells in a single particular person have completely different genetic codes, or from a random mutation of pores and skin cells.

In the event you’re considering adopting Charlie the Unicorn, you are out of luck. There have already been “overwhelming requests” for adoption, and functions are now not being accepted. This is hoping he finds an important house and lives a wholesome unicorn life.

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