February 25, 2024

WaterField Designs

The Apple Vision Pro has some incredible features that set it apart from competitors, including a premium price tag. If you make the $3,499 investment in Apple’s headset, you’ll want to keep it safe, and this case offers a promising solution. 

On Thursday, WaterField Designs unveiled its Vision Pro Shield Case, which was designed using insights from hundreds of the Apple Vision Pro early adopters, according to the release. For that reason, the case focuses on one key factor: portability. 

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The Vision Pro Shield Case is half the size of the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case, making it easier to travel since it cuts down on a significant part of the bulk and better fits into your backpack, suitcase, and more. 

Vision Pro travel case

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case.

Jason Hiner/ZDNET

“Easy portability, solid protection, and an indiscreet, professional look ranked high among our survey respondents’ priorities,” said Gary WaterField, company owner. “I think our designers have knocked this one out of the park — the Vision Pro Shield Case is compact, protective, and elegant.”

Despite its more compact design, it still packs plenty of protection and storage. 

Vision Pro case

WaterField Designs

The case includes a padded interior cushion to protect against bumps and scratches, an accessory pouch to store the charger, cables, cleaning cloth, and head straps, two Ultrasuede Zeiss lens pockets, a front pocket with a hidden AirTag pocket, and a padded battery pocket under the flap to keep the battery’s weight away from the headset to minimize damage. 

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The case price depends on your preferred material, with the leather alternative retailing at $179 and the vegan alternative at $159. 

There are six color options, including Chocolate Leather, White Leather, Black Leather, All-Ballistic Black, All-Forza Blue, and some other combinations, as seen below. There is also a $20 add-on option for an optional Simple Strap. 

Vision Pro cases in multiple colors

WaterField Designs

For comparison, the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case only comes in one gray color and retails at $199.  If you want to purchase WaterField Design’s Vision Pro Shield Case, you can preorder it now, and it will begin shipping on March 7.