June 2, 2023

This tiny Costasiella kuroshimae, additionally known as the “leaf slug” or “Shaun the Sheep” slug is nearly as lovely as a sea creature can get. It was captured by top-notch underwater photographer Alex Mustard, who shared it on his Instagram. He additionally wrote:

My little inexperienced pal. Like many photographers I’ve a love-hate relationship with Shaun the sheep slugs. These little sap-sucking herbivores make my eyes spin with their whole cuteness, and my head spin in terms of photographing them. They’re much, a lot smaller than individuals anticipate, about 2-3mm lengthy (1/16 inch). When you get the images on the pc you might be in love over once more. Their tiny our bodies glow within the mild and you may zoom in and revel in all the small print of this wonderful trying mollusc.

BBC supplies some extra data about this lovely little creature that produces a few of its meals via photosynthesis:

Very like its herbivorous namesake, the ocean-dwelling “leaf sheep” grazes for meals; nonetheless, it dietary supplements its weight loss plan in a singular method: via the ability of the solar.

This marine invertebrate has black beady eyes located shut collectively, rhinophores with black ideas resembling sheep’s ears or insect antennae protruding of its white head and dotted inexperienced cerata coming out of the higher floor of its physique. The ocean slug’s cerata are leaflike appendages akin to an aloe vera plant or a zebra succulent however sometimes with pink, purple or white ideas, they usually include branches of digestive gland. In the meantime, rhinophores choose up chemical alerts within the water, giving the ocean slug its sense of scent and enabling it to seek out meals sources.

Click on right here to learn extra about this cutie, and to see extra really astounding underwater pictures, take a look at Alex Mustard’s Instagram.

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