February 23, 2024

Apple’s mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, has become a sensation on the internet, with people donning it in various settings such as the streets, flights, trains, gyms, and even during lunch gatherings.

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YouTuber Casey Neistat’s video, featuring him wearing the Apple Vision Pro while exploring New York City, riding the subway, and venturing into Times Square, was an exhilarating experience. He even managed to respond to a text message while on the subway staircase.

The sight of individuals wearing the Apple Vision Pro has ignited a wave of memes and entertaining videos, making it a popular topic of discussion on various platforms. Amit Gupta, the founder of Sudowrite, shared his personal encounter with the headset after using it during a five-hour flight.

Gupta shared his thoughts on his recent 5-hour flight with Apple Vision Pro. He pondered whether he would gather the courage to wear it on his face. Gupta also highlighted some key points from his experience, such as the convenience of using his MacBook keyboard with the display mostly closed and having drinks on his tray table, which made him feel less crowded.

He also appreciated the privacy of the screen, as no one could peek over his shoulder, and mentioned that the mirrored display appeared larger in actual use compared to what he had seen in a video.

Working remotely has become a common practice, but there is someone who has taken it to a whole new level by working in an NYC subway with the help of Vision Pro. The fascinating aspect is that this individual’s hand gestures vividly narrate their story. With the remarkable capabilities of Vision Pro, users can effortlessly access a digital keyboard and control it through intuitive gestures.

The Vision Pro offers remarkable spatial experiences, transforming any area into a private theater for captivating entertainment. It also enables innovative forms of collaboration and content creation, while providing thrilling gaming adventures.

With its ultra-high-resolution displays, the Vision Pro surpasses the pixel density of a 4K TV for each eye, delivering users an unmatched viewing experience comparable to a massive 100-foot screen.

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