February 29, 2024

If you’re into the kind of movies that make your heart skip a beat or two, it sounds like you should take a gander at Amazon Prime Video’s thriller selection. Home to hundreds of pulse-pounding flicks, the Prime Video trove includes both noteworthy classics and amazing new films for genre die-hards.

Every month, we take a look at the Prime Video library to highlight thrillers that everyone will love, as well as some unsung gems that we think could do with more viewership. Let’s dive into the best thrillers on Prime Video you can stream in February 2024. 

Amazon Prime may have a robust catalog, but it doesn’t have everything. Luckily, we’ve also curated roundups of the best thrillers on Netflix and the best thrillers on Hulu.

But after attending her funeral, Ben enters into conversation with the woman’s brother (Boyd Holbrook), a man who swears revenge on whoever took his sister’s life. And it just so happens that Ben is going to tag along on this quest for vengeance. A dark and funny mystery flick, Vengeance is the kind of movie that combines a well-thought-out mystery with plenty of laughs to lead us down the seemingly never-ending trail of breadcrumbs.[/dt_media]

After the tragic death, OJ and Em are forced to sell off some horses to a local theme park, but when the sudden emergence of an extraterrestrial life form starts wreaking havoc on the desert community, the brother and sister go all-in on trying to capture evidence of the near-invisible UFO. Delivering another powerhouse picture that proudly pays homage to titans of the genre like Steven Spielberg, Nope is further proof that Peele is an undeniable auteur of modern genre cinema.[/dt_media]

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