February 25, 2024

There’s something intimate about going to a rundown comedy club to hear stand-up veterans and newcomers share their perspective and their unique sense of humor. And while comedy clubs are still alive in the post-pandemic era, Netflix gives comedy fans a lot of specials that recreate the sensation of being in the crowd for some of these shows. Watching these comedy specials on Netflix also gives viewers at home a better seat than most of the people who were there live.

The most recent Netflix comedy special, Jack Whitehall: Settle Down, brings Whitehall back to the forefront for his take on domestic partnership and parenthood. And if you happened to miss 2023’s late releases, both Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais have comedy specials that you may want to catch up on. There are more new stand-up specials coming to Netflix soon, but everything listed below are among the best stand-up comedy on Netflix right now.

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Digital Trends Streaming Roundup

Digital Trends Streaming Roundup

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