March 5, 2024

New Samsung Galaxy S24 phones are coming your way. Last week, Samsung unveiled three new phones at its Unpacked event in San Jose: the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The latest line of Galaxy phones include new AI features, like the ability to circle an image (like a shirt on a friend’s Instagram photo) to search for it with Google, generative edits to move, expand, or resize images, live translate for real-time voice call interpretation, transcriptions for voice memos and notes, and a chat assist feature for writing emails or texts in different tones. 

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The phones are available for preorder now, and officially go on sale on Jan. 31. As you wait for your shiny new Galaxy S24 to arrive, remember that you’ll want to put a case on that $1,000 investment. 

I’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S24 phone cases you can buy or preorder right now. My pick for the best Samsung Galaxy S24 phone case overall is the Casetify Impact Ring Stand Case, thanks to its lifted camera ring that both prevents scratches and serves as a phone stand. I’ve tested a Casetify iPhone case and can attest that the phone cases offer incomparable protection, MagSafe compatibility, and plenty of colors and customization. From a reflective mirror case to grippy cases that stay in your hand, I’ve selected cases that are as sleek and stylish as they are protective and durable. 

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 phone cases 


  • 13 feet of drop protection
  • Grippy feel
  • Slim look

Speck Presidio2 Grip Case features: Color: Comes in charcoal grey/cool bronze, black/slate grey, coastal blue/dust grey | Drop protection? Yes, 13 feet | Wireless charging compatibility? Yes

For only $40, you’re getting a grippy phone case with 13-feet drop protection (the highest drop protection on this list) and wireless charging compatibility. Speck made the Presidio2 Grip Case 20% slimmer than the last version to easily scooch into pockets and take up less space, while providing additional drop protection through its proprietary Armour Cloud technology that acts like airbags for your S24. Plus, the case comes with inverted grips that ensure the case stays in your hand. 

Speck keeps it simple with three colors, charcoal grey/cool bronze, black/slate grey, and coastal blue/dust grey, and the colors lean minimal and basic. But if you don’t mind a plain-looking case and drop protection is your main priority, you can’t lose with the Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case. 


  • Ring stand props up phone
  • High drop protection

Casetify Impact Ring Stand Case specs: Color: Clear | Drop protection? Yes, up to 6.6 ft | Wireless charging/MagSafe compatible? Wireless charging compatible

Casetify’s Impact Ring Stand offers a clear case with a lifted camera ring built in to prevent scratches. Not only is it protective; it also functions as a kickstand to prop your phone up while watching videos, typing a text, or scrolling social media. The drop protection on this case is 6.6 feet, with a 3X military grade standard rating. 

For $80, the phone case isn’t cheap, but it offers military-grade protection and handy convenience in the form of the ring stand. 


  • Grippy
  • Doubles as a stand and a grip

  • Not drop protective
  • Not compatible with wireless charging

Samsung Standing Grip Case features: Color: Comes in dark violet, taupe, and light blue | Drop protection? N/A | Wireless charging compatibility? No 

This Samsung phone case takes the best of Casetify’s Impact Ring Stand Case and Dbrand’s Grip Case and merges them together. Slide the strap of the grip case out so it functions as a phone stand or an extra holder for your hand. The cases come in three colors: a dark violet, a taupe, and a light blue. Plus, Samsung says this case is smooth to the touch.


  • High drop protection
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Affordable

Incipio Duo Case features: Color: Black | Drop protection? Yes, up to 12 feet | Wireless charging compatibility? Yes 

If you’re looking to spend under $40 for a high-quality case, look no further than Incipio’s Duo case, which retails for $35 and offers the second highest drop protection on this list. What you lack in color customization (the case only comes in black) you make up for in impressive drop protection and a justifiable price. 

The Duo is a two-piece case that’s on the slimmer side for easy pocketability, and it’s made with recycled materials for an easy-resting conscience. 


  • Variety of phone case styles
  • Super grippy

  • The grippy material might not be pocketable

Dbrand Grip Case features: Comes in 35 different styles | Drop protection: Yes, up to 10 feet | Wireless charging compatible? Yes

Dbrand calls this phone case “the world’s grippiest phone case.” While I haven’t tested it out for myself, Dbrand includes thousands of microscopic ridges within the case and grip strips on each side for additional graspability. 

On the odd occasion that the phone falls out of your hand, the grip case is built with military-grade impact resistance, so you can count on an additional layer of protection if and when you get clumsy. The cases come in 35 creative styles to match your customization desires, blending that high-level protection with personalized style. 


  • Functional and aesthetically enjoyable
  • Nearly 5 feet of drop protection

  • Mirror material could scratch or easily show scuffs, dirt, or grease

Casetify Mirror Case specs: Color: Clear | Material: | Drop protection? Yes, up to 4.9 ft | Wireless charging/MagSafe compatible? Wireless charging compatible

iPhones tend to get all the fun and funky cases. But Androids deserve love, too. Casetify knows this, and created one of its most popular and viral iPhone cases (used by Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner, among other celebrities) for the new Galaxy S24 line. Celebrity popularity aside, the phone case offers nearly 5 feet of drop protection and is wireless charging compatible, so you can plop it on a Qi2 charger and power it seamlessly. 


  • Lightweight
  • Slim
  • MagSafe compatible

  • Partially drop protective

Pitaka MagEZ Case 4 features: Color: Comes in sunset, moonrise, and black/gray | Drop protection? Partial drop protection | Wireless charging/MagSafe compatible? MagSafe compatible

Every aspect of Pitaka’s MagEZ Case 4 offers up a thoughtful design choice through the manufacturer’s proprietary design techniques. For example, the case is woven from processed aramid fibers, a material that’s both strong and lightweight. It also uses Pitaka’s SlimBoard technology to lighten the load of the MagSafe ring. The result is a case that is slim, lightweight, and protective. 

The MagEZ Case 4 comes in three colors: a warm sunset, a cool moonrise, and black/gray. The case is only partially drop-protective, so if you tend to drop your phone regularly, you might want to consider other options. 

Galaxy S24 Case Price Drop protection? Wireless charging?
Speck Presidio2 Grip Case $40 Yes, up to 13 feet Yes
Casetify Impact Ring Stand Case $80 Yes, up to 6.6 feet Yes
Samsung Standing Grip Case $48 No No
Incipio Duo Case $35 Yes, up to 12 feet Yes
Dbrand Grip Case Starts at $45 Yes, military-grade impact resistance NA
Casetify Mirror Case $75 Yes, up to 4.9 feet Yes
Pitaka MagEZ Case 4 Starts at $65 Partial protection Yes

Choose this Galaxy S24 case… If you want…
Speck Presidio2 Grip Case The best Galaxy S24 case overall for its 13-foot drop protection, wireless charging compatibility, and grippy feel. For the low price of $40, you’re getting a reliable case that will protect your phone, plus a few color options.
Casetify Impact Ring Stand Case Great drop protection, wireless charging compatibility, and a handy ring around the camera that doubles as a stand.
Samsung Standing Grip Case A combination of Casetify’s Impact Ring Stand Case and Dbrand’s Grip Case. You won’t get drop protection or MagSafe compatibility, however.
Incipio Duo Case A budget friendly case with the second highest drop protection on this list and wireless charging.
Dbrand Grip Case The grippiest case on this list with military-grade impact resistance. You won’t drop these creatively styled cases but if you do you won’t have to worry about scratches.
Casetify Mirror Case A viral case with substantial drop protection and wireless charging.
Pitaka MagEZ Case 4 A thoughtfully designed case that is slim and lightweight with partial drop protection.

After researching available Galaxy S24 phone cases, we compiled a list of the best phone cases based on price, durability, and design. 

  • Price: A good phone case shouldn’t break the bank. While you will have to spend some money for a phone case that fully protects your Galaxy S24, you shouldn’t drop your whole paycheck on one.  
  • Durability: A well made case should keep your phone protected from the elements and any minor drops. It should have a few feet of drop protection — extra credit if it has military-grade protection. 
  • Design: We considered customization variety, color, style, portability, and functionality in regards to design. The best phone cases offer wireless charging or MagSafe compatibility to easily attach to a MagSafe charger for cordless power. Some cases double as a wallet or prop a phone up through a ring stand. 

The S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are available to pre- order starting Jan. 17, and will go on sale on Jan. 31. If you pre-order, the phones should arrive a bit earlier than the on-sale date. 

The Galaxy S24 is the smallest phone out of the lineup, being the most comfortable to hold and use with one hand. You can expect mostly the same Galaxy AI features on the S24 as there are on the two more expensive models. The Galaxy S24 retails for $799.

The Galaxy S24 Plus offers a QHD display with a larger battery than the S24. Plus, it supports 45W fast charging. The S24 Plus retails for $999. 

The Galaxy S24 Ultra offers the best camera system out of the lineup, with a 200MP main lens and a 50MP telephoto lens. This phone is made for photo-savvy phone users looking to get the most out of their phone cameras. The Ultra comes with an S Pen stylus, easy for taking notes, circle-searching, and sketching. Just like the S24 Plus, the S24 Ultra also supports 45W fast charging. The S24 Ultra for $1,299. 

All phone models come violet yellow, gray, and black. 

No, the phone sizes are different than previous models, so your old Galaxy case won’t fit on your new phone. 

We chose the aforementioned phone cases for their high quality build, drop protection, and style. But there are plenty of phone cases that also meet the mark. Here are a few below. 

Samsung light gray shield case against white backdrop

Best alternative

Samsung Shield Case

This affordable phone case from Samsung offers protection and subtle style. 

Belkin screen protector against white backdrop

Best screen protector

Belkin TrueClear Curve Blue Light Screen Protector

Belkin’s ScreenForce TrueClear screen protector isn’t just offering screen protection from drops or scuffs — it’s also filtering blue light to protect your eyes while you use your phone. 

Burga Tough Case against white backdrop

Best alternative

Burga Tough Case

Burga’s tough cases pair a silicone interior with a hard shell exterior, with raised bezels around the screen and camera for extra protection. Find the case for you with over 200 designs available. 

Spigen Optik Armor case against white backdrop


Spigen Optik Armor Case

At $20, you’re getting a drop-protective phone case that’s wireless charging compatible. Plus, the case comes with a camera shield to slide over the lenses so you never have to worry about scratches or scuff marks.