June 2, 2023

Drew Godfrey of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers in Queensland, Australia was known as to a home after the resident instructed him she’d by chance vacuumed a snake into her vacuum cleaner.

Godfrey, carrying a T-shirt and shorts, took the filter bag out of the vacuum and tore it open along with his naked fingers, discovering a mildly venomous whip snake beneath the mud and particles within the bag.

I do not perceive why he did not at the very least put on gloves earlier than digging round within the bag. He did not get bit, but when he had, it would not have been deadly. Based on UPI, “Godfrey mentioned yellow-faced whip snakes are sometimes confused for a lot extra harmful jap brown snakes. He mentioned whip snakes are solely mildly venomous, evaluating their bites to bee stings.”

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