February 23, 2024

Jason Hiner/ZDNET

The Apple Vision Pro opened for pre-orders today to unrelenting demand. Just an hour into the pre-orders opening, shipping for all three storage configurations slipped into mid-March from the original February 2 ship date. 

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Before pre-orders opened, we’d heard that Apple would have 60,000 to 80,000 Vision Pro units available in the US for the February 2nd release. The company began shipping these units to stores weeks ago, while it trained retail workers to perform measurements and answer questions in preparation for the widespread release.

Now, it appears that orders are exceeding the available supply, causing Vision Pro shipping estimates to not only slip into March but many Apple stores are also out of stock for in-store pickup of the mixed reality headset. 

The Apple Vision Pro launched for pre-orders in the US with three storage options, a 256GB option starting at $3,499, a 512GB variant starting at $3,699, and a 1TB option for $3,899. 

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The Vision Pro marks the first new product category for Apple since the release of the Apple Watch over a decade ago in 2015. Apple is reportedly not expecting to sell too many units of it, as the Financial Times reported soon after WWDC 2023 that the tech giant would only manufacture about 400,000 units for all of 2024.