March 1, 2024

A software developer named Alexander Zhadan, hailing from Russia, has shared his remarkable experience of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance his interactions and ultimately find his life partner.

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As reported by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Zhadan, who is 23 years old, employed ChatGPT and various other AI bots to effectively screen and eliminate unsuitable matches on the popular dating app Tinder. Over the course of a year, he managed to connect with approximately 5,000 women before finally discovering his “AI-approved soulmate,” Karina Imranovna.

According to the reports, Zhadan mentioned that he provided ChatGPT with details regarding his communication style. Initially, there were difficulties as the program was unfamiliar with him, resulting in nonsensical responses. However, after extensive training, he managed to teach it to interact with individuals similar to himself, particularly girls.

He disclosed that the AI bot eliminated unsuitable matches, engaged in casual conversation on his behalf, arranged dates, and eventually assisted him in proposing. He mentioned that he additionally implemented specific filters to display women with whom he should further communicate in real-time.

Zhadan encountered a woman named Karina in person shortly after. He used the AI platform to sustain their communication.

“Upon meeting Karina face-to-face, I came to the realization that it was feasible to halt this system and transformed her into a correspondence analyst,” he expressed, further mentioning that the neural network guided him on where to take the girl and how to respond in various circumstances.

The individual, who is 23 years old, stated that it was towards the conclusion of 2023 when ChatGPT advised him to propose to Karina, elucidating that “their relationship is harmonious and resilient”.

The software developer stated that Karina had no knowledge of the involvement of AI in her relationship. It was only after they had submitted their applications to the registry office that she became aware of it.

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