June 2, 2023

Jake Angeli-Chansley, often known as “QAnon Shaman,” was launched from federal custody on Thursday, and went straight to Twitter to grace us all together with his new ‘look,’ and to confuse us all together with his new ‘knowledge.’ He tweeted a five-minute video together with the next textual content:

That is Jacob Angeli-Chansley. That is my offical [sic] twitter web page & my first official assertion upon my launch from Federal BOP custody. The time is 9:07 AM on the twenty fifth of Might 2023. FREEDOM!!!

Clad in a blindingly white go well with towards a blindingly white background, save for the enormous dreamcatcher, Angeli-Chansley, who accessorized with an American flag tie and matching bandana protecting his head, he delivered the next speech. As typical, I transcribed this so you do not have to observe:

Good day United States of America and the world. My title is Jacob Angeli-Chansley and I wish to begin this official assertion by thanking God Almighty for cover and blessings alongside this arduous journey of mine. You understand, I as soon as heard that college teaches us classes and provides us a take a look at. However God offers us a take a look at and teaches us classes. And to say the least, I most actually discovered quite a few classes through the take a look at which God has graced me with during the last 2 ½ years. 

Now, probably the most vital classes I discovered is endurance. See, the world is presently going via turmoil, the likes of which many people weren’t ready for by our colleges, by our authorities, and by our cultural upbringing. Nevertheless, endurance is essential if we’re to beat the obstacles earlier than us. And concurrently flip them into alternatives for unity, love, and peace. Now, if dealt with with endurance and understanding, we will use these demoralizing and destabilizing crises to emerge a extra advanced and secure and ethical nation and species. One other vital lesson I’ve discovered alongside the way in which is the facility of peace. And the way having an unshakable inside peace is by far THE strongest software that we’ve got at our instant disposal. For you see energy, energy shouldn’t be about the usage of exterior pressure. As a substitute, energy is derived from having an indominable will. 

If we as in people and as nations be taught to make use of the facility of peace to resolve our conflicts, our lives and the world will take the form of a fantastic murals, molded by God’s personal hand. Now one other lesson I discovered that I might wish to share is the energy one good points when one practices forgiveness. There are lots of many individuals who can be outraged if what occurred to me had occurred to them. Nevertheless, outrage and anger solely cloud our judgement and forestall us from seeing the very actual options which stare us within the face. 

See, forgiveness alone has the potential to make clear one’s considering, to unlock one’s creativity, and to allow the person to heal. Christ understood the facility of forgiveness to free an individual’s soul, which I feel is why he forgave these nailing him to the cross. So, within the spirit of Christ’s instance, I wish to use this official assertion to make it extraordinarily clear that I’ve no animosity or hatred towards america Federal Authorities. And I’ve forgiven my captors and I pray for them, as a result of that’s what Christ would do. 

The ultimate lesson I’ll share is the facility that we every wield after we stay by and communicate reality. Talking the reality can topple corrupt empires and free complete nations which were enslaved by illusions. The Buddha as soon as mentioned that three issues can’t be hidden lengthy: the solar, the moon, and the reality. And whereas there are those that will say that issues on the planet are solely getting worse, I assert issues are usually not worse, however slightly, the reality of world corruption is just turning into extra apparent. Subsequently, I encourage all those that are watching this video and listening to these phrases to make use of the reality as a software to form themselves and the world right into a paradise that we will move on to our youngsters. 

So in summation, the pressures led to by my journey and my ordeal have solely strengthened my resolve and taught me the facility that all of us possess after we follow endurance, and forgiveness, and after we discover inside peace and stay by the reality in order that we could communicate the reality with out concern. Subsequently, the following a part of my journey entails utilizing the facility of endurance and peace to unfold the reality and to take action within the spirit of a Christ-like forgiveness. 

In closing, Gandhi as soon as mentioned, first they ignore you, then they chortle at you, then they combat you, you then win. It appears I’ve already undergone the primary three levels of this course of, so now all there’s left to do is win. Bear in mind—information at all times overcomes energy. [Takes a bow].

So, Angeli-Chansley is evaluating himself to Jesus, after which to Gandhi, after which says all he has left to do is win. After making it clear that the final 2.5 years have solely “strengthened” his “resolve” and brought away any remaining “concern” about talking the “reality.” Cool, cannot wait to see what the “peace-loving” QAnon Shaman will get as much as subsequent. One thing tells me Jesus and Gandhi won’t acknowledge themselves in no matter it’s.


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