February 26, 2024

Pornhub notified performers this week that the platform is requiring proof of consent from anyone featured in its videos moving forward, according to emails seen by 404 Media Thursday. The policy update is Pornhub’s latest effort to verify that its performers are not being abused or sexually trafficked.

“On January 23, 2024, in addition to providing approved Co-Performer IDs, we will also require proof of consent, such as Signed Release Forms, when a new Co-Performer is added onto a Model account,” said an email from Pornhub to performers seen by 404 Media. The platform says this is a “requirement to approve and publish videos” and hopes the update will “foster a safer platform for all community members who upload content and engage with it.”

Pornhub, and its parent company Aylo, have come under fire for years due to videos of sexually assaulted children, revenge porn, and human tracking showing up on the platform. Visa and MasterCard ultimately pulled payment services off of Pornhub, and the platform became synonymous with the worst parts of the porn industry.

Since then, Pornhub has gone to great lengths to purge harmful content and improve its policies. This week’s policy update does more than ever to ensure the safety of its performers, at a time when internet porn itself is on the chopping block in many states.

Montana and North Carolina became the latest U.S. states to lose access to Pornhub this month, by introducing age verification laws for porn watchers. Aylo has a firm stance on this: we’re never going to ask viewers for their personal information, but we are going to require significant verification from the models in our videos to make sure they’re safe.

The newly passed laws around online porn in Montana and North Carolina do nothing to protect sex performers but rather vilify porn itself. Montana said in law SB 544 says “pornography is creating a public health crisis and having a corroding influence on minors.”

Pornhub’s policy update adds to a swath of protections already in place for its performers, including ID verification, facial recognition scanning, and release forms. The platform’s reputation has undergone a revamp in the last four years, and Pornhub is now a leader in safety for pornography performers