March 5, 2024

Image: Supermassive Games/Sony Computer Entertainment

Unlike certain other io9 staffers, I’m not too much of a gamer—but I am a big horror fan, and that’s what made me interested in 2015’s Until Dawn, an interactive tale about a bunch of kids stranded on a mountain haunted by past tragedies and crawling with menacing creatures. It’s like being inside a horror movie! Which is presumably why it’s now being adapted into one.

You can safely assume the just-announced movie version of Until Dawn will have a much better story than the sloppy, premature death-riddled version I managed to wring out—especially with the talent involved. On board to direct is David F. Sandberg, who’s putting superheroes on the back burner after his pair of Shazam movies, and Gary Dauberman (It, Annabelle, The Nun) retooling a previously written script by Blair Butler (The Invitation). It’s a reunion for Sandberg and Dauberman, who had the same roles on 2017’s Annabelle: Creation—and the next horror hope for PlayStation Productions, which scored a huge win with HBO’s series adaptation of The Last of Us.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, there’s no plot synopsis yet, “but Screen Gems is describing it as R-rated love letter to the horror genre, centering on an ensemble cast.” There’s no word yet if any of the game’s cast—which includes Oscar winner and Mr. Robot star Rami Malek, Scream series veteran Hayden Panettiere, and indie movie luminary Larry Fessenden (who also co-wrote the game)—will turn up in the movie.

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