February 29, 2024

June Wan/ZDNET

Pixel users just got a major feature drop a few weeks ago, but another update is headed to just about every Pixel device. While this update won’t bring flashy features like Circle to Search, Magic Compose, or a new colorway, it will fix some critical flaws ranging from the Wi-Fi to the camera to everyday use.     

As a reminder, the newest Pixel phones will be getting seven years of security updates.

For Pixel phones, the Android 14 February security patch affects devices from the Pixel 5a forward. Since we just got a feature drop for Pixel devices last month and should get another in March, there’s no new functionality in this update — just bug updates.

The Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 got the most attention, with updates specific to Wi-Fi stability and performance, corrupted displays, and “general improvements for system stability and performance” of the device’s camera. 

The Pixel Fold got a fix related to the outer display, and all devices got an update that improves stability with third-party apps.

There was no update on the infamous bug from last fall that resurfaced again in January, locking many users out of their device’s storage.

A February update is headed to the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 as well. Like the phone update, it doesn’t bring any new features (we just got those last week) but does make some important security upgrades. Google hasn’t said what specific bugs were targeted in this update.

The updates should be rolling out to Pixel phones and watches within the coming days. You’ll get a notification on your phone or watch when they’re ready to update, but if you want to see if you’ve received the update, you can head to your device’s settings to see what version you’re currently on. Your phone will be on version UQ1A.240205.004 if you’ve been updated and your watch version would be TWD9.240205.001.