March 1, 2024

Indian music composer AR Rahman recently shared a heartwarming moment with a French fan in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.

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In a heartening moment, a French fan of the Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman got a chance to serenade him with his very popular Hindi song Maa Tujhe Salaam.

Currently resonating across the internet, the French-Indonesian teen sensation Célinedee Matahari has captured hearts all over the world with her viral performance on the streets of the Emirates.

According to Khaleej Times, Celinedee Matahari was set to meet A.R Rahman at a trailer release event in Dubai city. After the music composer got stuck in heavy traffic, the meet and greet was canceled. However, the singer-songwriter Matahari didn’t give up and caught AR Rahman right outside the venue.

Born in Dubai, 15-year-old Célinedee Matahari sang her heart out for her idol, the legendary Indian music maestro AR Rahman. The teenage ukulele-playing pop sensation has enchanted music enthusiasts worldwide with her cover of Maa Tujhe Salaam.

The video of this extraordinary encounter was quick to spread, propelling Célinedee into the media spotlight. The young musician has earned admiration for her talent from across the world now with the video surpassing over 17 million views on Instagram. The short clip was also reportedly shared by AR Rahman on his Instagram Story.

The pop sensation of French and Indonesian descent also performed the same song at the opening of the Climate Control Awards during COP28 in the United Arab Emirates. She is known for live performances at extremely high-profile events in Dubai.

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Cover image source: Twitter