June 2, 2023

Jeffrey Racer, an off-duty West Virginia cop who struck and killed a 13-year-old lady along with his police cruiser, will face no prices, prosecutors introduced Friday. Particular Prosecutor for Cabell County Mark Sorsaia stated that it was the lady’s fault, as she had alcohol and marijuana in her system, and it would not matter if he was dashing.

the “tragic loss” of 13-year-old Jacqueline “Laney” Hudson in December 2022 was a “direct consequence” of her personal erratic conduct whereas inebriated and marijuana, in keeping with a letter dated Thursday clearing former Cabell County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Racer of negligence. That “severely affected her judgement and skill to make rational choices, and subsequently led to her operating in entrance of the automobile,” wrote Sorsaia, who can also be prosecutor in Putnam County

The accessible proof does make it seem the lady was playing around on the street. It is a disgrace the accessible proof resulted from an intensive blame-seeking investigation into the sufferer matched by excuses for the officer’s personal decisions. We’re informed it is unimaginable to know exactly how briskly Racer was going as a result of his cruiser’s “black field” mysteriously didn’t document it, and Sorsaia stated even when he was dashing it would not matter as a result of that is simply how briskly individuals drive on that highway.

Estimates by state police reconstruction groups analyzing skid marks and different elements positioned Racer’s velocity between 47 and 55 miles per hour — not less than 10 to 20 miles per hour over the velocity restrict.

… Even when the survey would not get rid of the chance that Racer was dashing, it indicated his velocity was “properly throughout the common velocity limits utilized by people utilizing that specific location on the roadway,” Sorsaia concluded.

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