May 30, 2023

Republican customary bearer Marjorie Taylor Greene cannot shut up about her admiration for Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira. She loves him as a result of he “is white, male, christian, and antiwar” and “instructed the reality about troops being on the bottom in Ukraine and much more.”

Greene did not say what the “much more” was, however The Boston Globe did:

The brand new courtroom paperwork embody transcripts of a few of the conversations Teixeira performed on the Web, together with one from final November during which he stated he hoped the ISIS terror group carried out an assault on World Cup video games being performed in Qatar.

“I hope isis goes by means of with their assault plan and creates a bloodbath on the World Cup … If I had my manner I would kill a fuck ton of individuals … Bc in all honesty it’s important to … whether or not or not you prefer it … Severely I might be forcibly culling the weak minded,” he allegedly wrote in a single dialog.

It stays to be seen if Taylor Greene will break her disturbing allegiance with Teixeira.

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