February 25, 2024

The US government has expressed safety concerns after a video of a man driving a Tesla Cybertruck while wearing Apple’s newly launched virtual reality (VR) Vision Pro headset went viral on social media platforms.

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US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg emphasized the importance of human drivers remaining vigilant, regardless of the presence of advanced driver aid systems like semi or fully-autonomous driving technology.

Buttigieg emphasized that it is crucial for the human driver to maintain control and remain fully focused on the driving task at all times, as a reminder for everyone.

The video showcases the Tesla driver seemingly using hand gestures to navigate a virtual reality environment.

Casey Neistat, the famous YouTuber, embarked on an exhilarating adventure in New York City, donning the Apple Vision Pro. His captivating video showcases his exploration of the city, including riding the subway and venturing into the bustling Times Square. Remarkably, he even skillfully responded to a text message while navigating the subway staircase.

Amit Gupta, the creator of Sudowrite, recently recounted his experience with the Apple Vision Pro during a five-hour flight. Gupta reflected on the possibility of wearing the headset and shared his observations from the journey.

He emphasized the convenience of using his MacBook keyboard with the display mostly closed and the freedom to have drinks on his tray table, which contributed to a more spacious and comfortable experience.

Additionally, he expressed his admiration for the screen’s privacy feature, which prevented anyone from glancing at his screen. Furthermore, he highlighted that the mirrored display seemed more expansive during practical usage in contrast to his initial perception from a video.

The Vision Pro presents extraordinary spatial encounters, converting any space into a personal theater for captivating amusement. Additionally, it facilitates inventive methods of collaboration and content generation, all while delivering exhilarating gaming escapades.

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