June 2, 2023

After centuries of debate, the situation of the bridge in Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has been recognized as soon as and for all, no less than based on Italian historian Silvano Vinceti. Based mostly on historic paperwork, drone photos of the current panorama, and exact measurements, Vinceti is satisfied that the sixteenth century portray depicts the Romito di Laterina bridge within the province of Arezzo. As one may count on, the small Tuscan village is sort of stoked. From The Guardian:

Theories prior to now have recognized the bridge as Ponte Buriano, near Laterina, in addition to Ponte Bobbio within the northern Italian metropolis of Piacenza[…]

Essentially the most telling element, he informed reporters on the overseas press affiliation in Rome, was within the variety of arches: the bridge in Leonardo’s portray had 4 arches, as did the Romito. Ponte Buriano, alternatively, has six arches, whereas Ponte Bobbio has greater than six[…]

Vinceti additionally discovered paperwork that attest to Leonardo usually residing in Fiesole on the time, with an uncle who was a priest.

Simona Neri, the mayor of Laterina, stated Vinceti’s principle had brought about a variety of pleasure within the city of simply over 3,500 individuals. “We have to attempt to defend what’s left of the bridge, which would require funding,” she stated. Vinceti’s claims, nonetheless, will little doubt put the noses of these in close by Buriano, the place a poster of the Mona Lisa declare to fame stands subsequent to a signpost for its bridge, out of joint.

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