February 23, 2024

The Mean Girls musical reboot has stirred up more drama than a high school hallway, and this time, it’s got Lindsay Lohan feeling hurt and disappointed. Despite the excitement surrounding the return of the cult classic’s cast, a particular joke aimed at Lohan has stirred up controversy.

The musical, featuring a cameo appearance by Lohan alongside other original cast members, received a mixed response, with some fans praising the fresh take and others expressing distaste, some even unaware it was a musical adaptation. However, what caught everyone’s attention was a joke referencing Lohan’s past that didn’t sit well with the actress.

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The controversial moment unfolds during the Christmas-themed talent show scene, where Megan Thee Stallion comments on Cady Heron’s outfit, saying, “Y2K fire crotch is back.” The reference harks back to a 2006 paparazzi video in which oil heir Brandon Davis insultingly called Lohan a “fire crotch.” Lohan’s representative shared that she was “very hurt and disappointed” by the joke, while another source mentioned she was “taken aback.”

Tina Fey, the mastermind behind the Mean Girls remake, has yet to address the controversy. Fey had previously shared the challenges of bringing back the original cast, emphasizing Lindsay Lohan’s central role in the film. However, the questionable choice to resurrect a derogatory term from Lohan’s past leaves fans questioning whether it was an intentional move or an oversight.

As discussions around the controversial joke unfold, fans are left questioning whether certain elements from the 2000s comedy need more careful consideration in today’s cultural landscape.

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