June 2, 2023

Iain M. Banks wrote magnificent science fiction novels that includes The Tradition, a post-scarcity transstellar AI-suffused quasi-utopia on whose fringes the motion occurs. Now comes a giant lovely ebook of Banks’ drawings of it and its huge lovely issues.

This extraordinary assortment celebrates the dazzling worldbuilding of Iain M. Banks, some of the vital and influential writers in fashionable science fiction. Faithfully reproduced from sketchbooks saved within the Seventies and 80s, these annotated authentic illustrations depict the ships, habitats, geography, weapons and language of Banks’ Tradition sequence of novels in unimaginable element.

Intrigued by how far this goes again; Banks wasn’t publishing his SF till the late Eighties. $50, November 2023, simply in time for a nanotechnologically-atomized Christmas.

The Tradition: The Drawings [Orbit Books]


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