February 26, 2024

If you set a fitness goal for the new year but are having a tough time keeping up because you’re busy with work, there’s some home exercise equipmet that can help. For instance, an under-desk pedaling gadget, like this one from DeskCycle, is worth taking a look at if you’re stuck sitting all day. DeskCycle’s is on sale for $150 rather than the usual $229 and has over 13,000 reviews on Amazon, with an average 4.5-star rating.

This under-desk cycle has eight different tension settings to work with, so you can adjust it to your fitness level, and it can work beneath desks with a clearance as low as 27 inches. The bike also has a display that keeps track of rotations, distance, time lapsed and calories burned. And you can pedal in both directions.

The cycle is weighted to feel like a proper exercise bike with a flywheel, and DeskCycle says it’s quiet too. Overall, DeskCycle’s Under Desk Cycle might be a good choice for getting some exercise while you’re working. But if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can check out some of these other fitness deals.

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