February 23, 2024

K-Pop singer IU has retitled her much-anticipated upcoming collab Love Wins featuring BTS’ V.

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IU and BTS V’s upcoming track Love Wins which is set to release on January 24, 2024, has been given a new title following controversy.

After the singer-songwriter Lee Ji-eun, popularly known by her stage name IU shared the teaser poster for her upcoming pre-release single Love Wins featuring V of BTS, it got embroiled in major controversy.

On Friday, January 19, 2024, IU’s label EDAM Entertainment on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter released the new teaser poster with the upcoming track’s new title Love Wins All.

Although the collaboration between Kim Tae-hyung and IU raised excitement, the title of the song raised massive concern. Controversy arose after netizens pointed out that the phrase “Love Wins” has been a slogan in pride parades used by LGBTQIA individuals. Fans also backed the artist’s choice of naming the song saying it did not interfere with the universal message of love triumphing over all.

“We decided to change the title to respect and support everyone who loves in their various ways,” the label released a formal statement adding, “and we accept the opinions of those who express concerns that precious messages might be blurred due to the title.”

IU also teased the upcoming track’s intro lyrics on X. Love Wins All is scheduled for release on January 24, 2024, with a music video that will also star BTS heartthrob V.

Love Wins All marks IU’s return almost two years after her December 2021 album Pieces.

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Cover image source: Twitter