June 9, 2023

An individual on Instagram with the deal with Tequan Hines posted a video that exhibits him and a companion in a grocery retailer taking a container of ice cream from a freezer, licking it, and placing it again within the freezer. It could have gained him some notoriety, however it may additionally earn him a felony conviction.

From Eisner Gorin LLP’s web site on meals tampering penalties:

In case you’re convicted of federal shopper product tampering, you can face harsh penalties that change based on the sort and severity of the offense, together with important fines. For instance:

  • In case you tamper with a product for the aim of injuring a enterprise, not with the intent of injuring or killing shoppers, you can resist 3 years in jail.
  • In case you falsely declare a product was tampered with, or if you happen to threaten to tamper with a product…the utmost penalty is 5 years in jail.
  • For normal cases of tampering or tried tampering the place the harm didn’t happen…the utmost penalty is ten years in jail.
  • If the tampering resulted in critical harm to a different particular person…the penalty is as much as 20 years in jail.
  • If the tampering leads to somebody’s demise…the utmost penalty is life imprisonment.

Tainting shopper merchandise beneath this legislation may end up in a most of three years in federal jail, whereas knowingly speaking false details about a shopper product being tainted may end up in 5 years of imprisonment if convicted.

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