February 26, 2024

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Let’s continue to explore free online courses designed to help you up your AI game. Earlier, I wrote about graphics-related generative AI courses from courseware provider Udemy. This time, we’re looking at text-based generative AI tools and how to get the most out of them.

Udemy is a courseware provider that distributes educational content from individual trainers, who are vetted through the use of student review ratings. Udemy’s courses are sold individually, often at a decent discount off the list price. Alternatively, you can sign up for Udemy’s $20-a-month plan, an all-you-can-eat buffet of tasty learning goodness.

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Udemy offers a 30-day free trial, so if you’re not in the mood to pay for your AI learnings, you can binge as many courses as you want within those 30 days and cancel before the renewal date. Since most courses are between three and 15 hours, a dedicated student can get in a lot of learning during that free trial period. Of course, you may decide you like the service enough to continue subscribing and learning.

Interesting Udemy AI courses to check out

I spent some time in Steve Ballinger’s Complete ChatGPT Course For Work 2023 (Ethically)! and found it quite helpful. Clocking in at a little over two hours, this fast-moving course covered quite a bit, including how to get the most out of ChatGPT at work, and how to do that ethically.

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Most of the lessons are only 3-10 minutes long, but they’re packed with helpful tips. My two favorites were the sessions on using ChatGPT for translation and for social media posts. I often use Google’s built-in translation, but that doesn’t work for documents not found via Google. Sometimes I need to read an academic paper that’s published in another language. It turns out ChatGPT can translate those (although there are length limits).

Another helpful tip involved social media posts. I don’t want to have ChatGPT write my words for me, but the course showed how you can use ChatGPT to suggest social posting themes. I like that. You can feed it an article or blog post, and then ask ChatGPT for various social media approaches. It was powerful, and he taught the basics in less than four minutes.

Ballinger is an enthusiastic teacher. My favorite part was the 11-minute segment he calls “Hot Tips” — a handy, rapid-fire list of suggestions.

Here’s a list of courses you might find helpful:

  • ChatGPT Masterclass: ChatGPT Guide for Beginners to Experts!: Gain a professional understanding of ChatGPT, and walk away with the ability to produce high-quality content seamlessly and grow earning potential.
  • The Complete Prompt Engineering for AI Bootcamp (2023): This is a one-stop shop for learning to become a Prompt Engineer and gaining insights on GPT-4, Stable Diffusion, and GitHub Copilot.
  • ChatGPT: Complete ChatGPT Course For Work 2023 (Ethically)!: Learn how to effectively use ChatGPT — while away from the workplace — and enhance your professional life.
  • ChatGPT Masterclass – Build Solutions and Apps with ChatGPT: Learn how to use ChatGPT to increase productivity, and how to build real-life solutions and applications from scratch.
  • ChatGPT Masters: Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, Chat GPT: Learn how to use ChatGPT for various tasks, such as finding keywords, creating outlines, writing articles, generating title ideas, and developing marketing strategies.
  • Master Generative AI: Automate Content Effortlessly with AI: Learn the basics of AI including prompt engineering techniques, and how to achieve the best results with text-to-text and text-to-image generation.
  • Discover, Validate & Launch New Business Ideas with ChatGPT: Learn how to generate startup ideas, evaluate their potential, and test them with customers in real life.
  • ChatGPT 101: Learn ChatGPT Prompts & ChatGPT Smart Tips: Learn the basics, such as how to use ChatGPT’s interface effectively, and tips and tricks for automating mundane tasks.

More AI learning opportunities

Over the past few months, I’ve spotlighted courses from IBM, Amazon, OpenAI, and DeepLearning. Here are those articles:

Go ahead and dig into one or more Udemy courses. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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