February 29, 2024


Apple Vision Pro pre-orders are here, and along with the headset, there are plenty of accessories to go along with it — including an official travel case that’s a little pricey at first glance, even by Apple standards.

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While the official Vision Pro travel case looks pretty cozy, it carries a premium price of $199. You might say that if you’re spending over $3,500 on a consumer electronic, what’s another $200 to protect it, and that’s a fair question. 

A maxed-out and fully accessorized version of the Vision Pro tops the $5,000 mark if money isn’t a concern, but what can you do if you’re looking to save a little money? There’s already an answer.

Enter the Klasden Pouch from Spigen. At $89, it’s less than half the price of the official Apple version, and like the official one, it stores the headset, battery pack, charging cables, and other accessories — including Zeiss Optical Inserts if you have prescription lenses.

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Also like the Apple case, it has a durable outer shell and a form-fitting padded interior to secure your device and keep it safe. 

But here’s where the Spigen could actually be better than the Apple one. First, it has a carrying strap that makes transporting it just a little more secure — something that’s important for a device as expensive as this one. The Apple one does have a retractable hand strap, which makes the case thin and sleek, but it could also be easy to miss. 

The Spigen case also has a secret compartment to store an AirTag, meaning if your headset is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to see where it is at all times. If you’re able to snag a Vision Pro, you’re going to want a case for it, and the savings plus the added security feature tied to this one make it probably the best alternative to the official one.