February 26, 2024

Of all the games that have attempted to borrow ideas from the Pokémon franchise, none are quite as unique as Palworld. The basic concept of capturing and training adorable monsters is the same, but the world, survival elements, and guns all set it apart. Part of the fun of both Pokemon clones and survival games is being able to enjoy them with friends, but is that possible in this title? There’s a lot to dig into with this title, so grab your Pals to learn all the details about multiplayer.

How to play Palworld with friends


If you want to team up with friends, Palworld supports either four-player co-op on Xbox or up to 32 players on a single Steam server. To invite your friends to your Pal world, go to the World Settings menu either when first starting or when loading into a world. Make sure it is set to multiplayer, then pause the game and select the Invite Code to get the unique code to give to your friends. In the main menu, they will simply select Join Multiplayer Game and input said code to load into your world. Note that whenever any player leaves that world, they will need to enter the code again to rejoin.

Once in a world, you can work together to hunt down and capture new Pals, or even battle your own against one another. If you want to share and build a base together, you will need to take one extra step and join a Guild. This is done by simply pressing the button prompt when near a friend.

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