December 9, 2023

How a Sausage Dog Works is an experimental animation by Julian Józef Antonisz. I love the way that this humorous film uses objects’ shadows as a way to loosely represent the inner structures of the weiner dog.

Without reading the film description, I wouldn’t have known that it was made with a weiner dog in mind, but I would have still enjoyed it just the same. The visual effects are so much fun to watch. I love all the different animation techniques used in conjunction; “cut-out, drawing, filming miscible fluids and scratched images”.

From Instagram:

“How a Sausage Dog Works,” directed by Julian Józef Antonisz.

“This animated short film that uses unconventional film techniques such as cut-out, drawing, filming miscible fluids and scratched images. Also uses non-camera technique such as drawing directly on film. The film is a humorous lecture on the internal structure of a dachshund. Parodying popular lectures at the same time, it contains a message about the superiority of the products of living organisms’ techniques and calls for respect for the environment. -Wikpedia #JulianJózefAntonisz

Via the research of @chicojefferson for #juxsaturdayschool”

(screenshot from video)

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