June 7, 2023

Labor violations, quick staffing, lengthy hours, low pay, restricted job safety, and company denials of wrong-doing or legal responsibility are simply a few of the traits employees for Greenback Tree report are rampant within the company.

This video from @bigwormin offers visible proof of “elements of working as the one restoration particular person at Greenback Tree for a 12 months that altered my mind.”

As reported by Every day Dot, “Working at Greenback Tree is a assured OSHA violation.” As is occurring in lots of industries, employees for Greenback Tree are coming collectively to see how they’ll shield themselves and hold their jobs. They’re additionally cautious to make clear they’re organizing however not unionizing. Given the resurgence of the Pinkerton brokers and their historic and up to date roles in union busting, the excellence is essential, but could not dissuade the anti-union logics of company capitalism.

It may be anticipated that @bigwormin may face backlash from Greenback Tree, if they’re nonetheless working there for posting this video. Possibly this is the reason politicians need to ban TikTok.

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