March 5, 2024

Coming back home to a house and having to worry about dusting and cleaning up can be very tiring and frustrating. That’s why something like a solid robot vacuum can make a big difference, especially when it comes to taking a load off your back. Luckily, one of the best eufy vacuums has a great deal on it, the X8 Pro, both a self-emptying and non-self-emptying version. That’s great since you can pick what budget works best for you.

For the uefy X8 Pro, which doesn’t have any self-emptying, Prime members can get it for $350, rather than the usual $500. As for the self-emptying version, it’s just $100 more at $450 instead of the usual $650. Both are pretty great deals, and if you can grab the self-emptying version, it’s well worth the price difference.

The uefy X8 Pro has two 4,000 Pa vacuums, which help pick up some of the most stubborn debris and dirt, and there’s even a de-tangling roller brush for hair to keep it from jamming up. It also comes with a laser scanner to take detailed maps of your house so it can avoid things like furniture or constantly bumping into walls. Interestingly, it also has a 270ml tank and a soft mop for some mopping duties as well, which usually requires two machines or the need for you to physically swap attachments.

As for the version with the self-cleaning tower, it’s the same mop with just the added self-cleaning capability. The charging tower itself has a 2.5L capacity, meaning around 60 days if you don’t have any pets and half of that if you do. Either way, it’s certainly going to be a lot more hassle-free compared to the non-self-emptying version.

While the uefy X8 Pro is a great robot vacuum, if it still doesn’t quite fit your needs, it’s well worth checking out some of these other robot vacuum deals too.

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