June 2, 2023

One of many largest bulletins of Google I/O was the disclosing of PaLM 2, Google’s newest and most superior giant language mannequin (LLM). With the transition to PaLM 2, Google claimed Bard would have enhanced logic, math, and coding capabilities. 

At the moment, it was time to place these skills to the take a look at.

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Since Google Bard not has a waitlist, to get entry, all it’s important to do is go to Google Bard’s web page and signal into your private Gmail account. 

As soon as I did that, I used to be prepared to begin asking away. 

The primary noticeable change was that the Bard had the choice of darkish mode, one of many options Google revealed at I/O meant to assist scale back eyestrain when utilizing the chatbot. This was a optimistic signal. 

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Subsequent up, it was time to substantiate the chatbot’s largest improve, PaLM 2. To confirm the upgrades for myself, I requested the chatbot “What LLM are you operating beneath?”. The response was surpising.

Regardless of Google’s announcement at Google I/O, Bard instructed me it was nonetheless operating on LaMDA. 

I’m operating beneath the Google AI LaMDA language mannequin. LaMDA stands for “Language Mannequin for Dialogue Functions”.

Bard screenshot

Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Once I adopted up that response by asking, “I assumed you had been operating on PaLM 2”, I used to be met with an identical response. 

I apologize for the confusion. I’m nonetheless beneath improvement, and I’m not but in a position to run on PaLM 2.

Google Bard Screenshot

Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Is the chatbot hallucinating and offering incorrect responses because it has previously? Or may the chatbot not been switched to PaLM 2 but, as Google declared yesterday? I reached out to Google for some readability, however the response left me with as many questions as I needed to start with. 

“LLMs (Bard included) can hallucinate and current inaccurate info as factual,” mentioned the Google spokesperson. 

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Bard’s incapability to precisely say what LLM it’s operating on may merely be a hallucination. Nonetheless, one of many largest objectives of utilizing a extra superior LLM for Bard was to lower the variety of hallucinations that occurred. 

Regardless of how superior Google claims PaLM 2 is, to this point, Bard appears to proceed to be tormented by the issues of the previous together with restricted coding skills. Maybe Google overestimated PaLM 2’s capabilities. 

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