February 23, 2024

During the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which boasts enhanced cameras and new AI photo-editing capabilities. The South Korean smartphone brand has partnered with Instagram and Snapchat, both owned by Meta, to ensure that users can enjoy the same camera quality on these popular apps as they would on the stock camera app of the Galaxy S24 series.

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This integration means that Galaxy S24 users can now access a range of native camera features, such as Nightography, Super HDR advanced AI image editing, and video stabilization, while capturing photos or videos using Instagram’s or Snapchat’s cameras.

During the S24 presentation event, Dr. Hamid Sheikh, Samsung’s Vice President of Intelligent Imaging, emphasized that all the photos and videos captured or viewed on their devices would be showcased with their complete spectrum of colors and contrasts.

This commitment ensures that the content retains its visual integrity from the moment it is captured until it is shared with others. Additionally, Dr. Sheikh announced that the upcoming Galaxy S24 series would be the pioneering smartphones to feature HDR functionality specifically for Instagram photos, complementing the app’s existing support for HDR videos.

Samsung unveiled a range of new phones, namely the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra, with a plethora of photography features for social media, including HDR compatibility.

Samsung’s native camera functions can now be utilized by both Instagram and its competitor Snapchat for capturing photos directly within the social media applications, the smartphone manufacturer revealed.

The S24 device owners can expect a better quality experience on Instagram and Snapchat, thanks to the inclusion of features like “Nightography” low-light photographs, “Super HDR,” and video stabilization. However, it is worth noting that video stabilization needs to be activated in the native camera app before it can be utilized on Instagram and Snapchat, as highlighted by Engadget.

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