February 26, 2024

Sheets made from bamboo fibers can be beneficial for hot sleepers. They are light, breathable, temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Bamboo is also often a great value because the sheets don’t require a high thread count to feel and look luxurious. Both bamboo and eucalyptus sheets have been on the rise recently due to reputable bedding companies taking on these environmentally friendly products. There are lots of options for bamboo sheets out there, including Ettitude.

I first came across Ettitude from an Instagram ad (as a sleep and wellness editor, I get a lot of mattress and bedding ads). This particular ad stated that these bamboo sheets have been scientifically proven to improve your sleep. I knew I had to try them for myself.  

I received these sheets from Ettitude to test, and here are my honest thoughts. 

First impressions 


I don’t like how I can see my Casper blue pillow through the pillowcase. 

Caroline Igo/CNET

When I first unpacked the Linen Plus Sheet Set, I noticed that there was a slight factory smell. Luckily, I had already planned on washing them before use. As I put the sheets in the washing machine, I noticed that they felt coarse and a bit thicker than the eucalyptus sheets I sleep with every night. I hoped that the washing and drying process would soften them. 

After removing my favorite eucalyptus sheets (Buffy’s Breeze Sheet Set — more on that later) from off my bed, I put on Ettitude’s fitted sheet, the flat sheet and the two standard pillowcases on my pillows. Right away, I liked that the fitted sheet still fit on my bed despite my larger mattress topper; so, points there. Running my hands over the material, it still felt coarse. And although the sheets felt thicker than my previous ones, I could see my blue Casper pillow through the pillowcase.  

I then slept on these sheets for a week. During that time, I noticed that although they didn’t wrinkle as much or absorb my body lotion as easily as my old sheets, they weren’t nearly as comfortable. I might be biased, but I prefer my sheets to feel silky smooth and light.

As a hot sleeper, I need my sheets to be light and cooling. While I wouldn’t consider the Linen Plus Sheets to be cooling, I do think it kept me temperature-neutral. It didn’t cool me down, but they didn’t heat me up, either. 

I do want to note that the Linen Plus Sheet Set I tested isn’t Ettutide’s most popular sheet set. I can’t speak to the Signature Sateen sheets, but both types of sheets are made from similar materials. 

What are Ettitude sheets made of?

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Caroline Igo/CNET

The Ettitude Linen Plus sheets are made of 70% CleanBamboo lyocell and 30% hemp. Its patented technology, CleanBamboo, is found in all of its sheets. It is made from organic bamboo, without any synthetics, toxic chemicals or pesticides. The sheets are also 99.9% antimicrobial.

Its Signature Sateen Sheet Set is made of 100% CleanBamboo. 

What is the downside to bamboo sheets?

While bamboo sheets can be great for hot sleepers, there are a few drawbacks to consider before picking up a set of these eco-friendly sheets. The cons of bamboo sheets include:

  • Often coarse 
  • More expensive than traditional cotton
  • Less soft than eucalyptus or silk sheets

What does Ettitude claim? 

Compared to flax linen, Ettitude’s CleanBamboo Hemp claims to save on water, equivalent to 5,350 bottles of water, and save on carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to 2.1 gallons of gasoline consumed. While I can’t exactly put those claims to the test, I can investigate its other claim about sleep. 

The ad I originally saw on Instagram claimed that Ettitude sheets can save you up to 43 hours of sleep each year. It pointed to a 2022 study conducted by SleepSpace, in partnership with Ettitude, that followed 32 participants over the course of three weeks. 

Screenshot of Instagram ad for Ettitude sheets

The Instagram ad I came across.

Screenshot by CNET

The study compared regular cotton sheets to Ettitude’s CleanBamboo sheets. During the first week, participants slept with their own sheets like normal. Then they were randomly assigned to either CleanBamboo or cotton for another week. After that, participants switched to the other kind of sheets for a final week. Throughout the study, each group used SleepSpace’s sleep tracking app to measure the amount of sleep they were getting.

SleepSpace concluded that Ettitude sheets improved sleep efficiency by 1.5%, which, according to the study, equals about 7.2 more minutes of sleep per night or 43 extra hours of sleep a year. From surveys conducted among participants, the study also found that 93.75% of people preferred Ettitude sheets to regular cotton. 

Besides the overall preference from participants, I can’t see how this study was unbiased. SleepSpace’s own founder, CEO and sleep scientist Dan Gartenberg conducted the research and used his company’s own technology to reach the results. Not to mention that it concluded that its partner’s, Ettitude, sheets saved participants a large amount of sleep. The study wasn’t conducted by a third-party and even includes an ad for SleepSpace at the bottom of the page.  

While Ettitude doesn’t specifically source this study anywhere on its website, it does state that “our breathable bedding is scientifically proven to improve sleep, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.” 

Final verdict: Are Ettitude sheets worth it?

Ettitude Linen Plus Sheets Set with black dog on top.

I do like how the sheets have held up to pet hair.

Caroline Igo/CNET

I do believe that switching to the right sheets can save you a couple nights of restlessness. For example, if you are a hot sleeper who wakes up each night with hot, sweat-soaked sheets, and you happen to switch to a lighter material — then yes, I could see how that could save you sleep.   

While I can’t speak to the Ettiude Signature Saaten sheets that seem to have positive reviews online, I wasn’t too impressed with the Linen Plus sheets. However, if you are in the market for linen sheets, the Linen Plus could be for you. 

Here are other aspects to keep in mind.  

You should try Ettitude Linen Plus sheets if:

  • You don’t like the feeling of silky sheets 
  • You want your sheets to wrinkle less
  • You don’t want sheets that absorb products, such as lotion, from your skin

You should look at other sheets if:

  • You are looking for sheets with a range of patterns and colors
  • You want soft, silky material
  • You don’t have to spend too much on a sheet set

If you are looking for the best sheets, I recommend sheets made from eucalyptus. Specifically, Buffy’s — a reputable brand — Breeze Sheet Set. I write about them often, and time and time again, they are my favorite. 

I sleep on Buffy sheets each night, and I love how soft, buttery and light they are. While they aren’t necessarily cool to the touch (check out pillows that are), I think they keep me temperature neutral throughout the night. Before considering Ettitude sheets, I strongly encourage you to look into other brands, first.