March 5, 2024

Elon Musk has recently shared a fresh video featuring Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot, skillfully folding shirts. In the footage, the robot adeptly retrieves a shirt from a basket and proceeds to fold it with human-like precision, accomplishing the task within a mere matter of seconds.

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Musk made it clear that although the current Optimus iteration is unable to carry out this task independently, it is expected to attain complete autonomy in any setting soon.

It is important to mention that Musk has previously demonstrated Optimus’ abilities. In September of the previous year, Musk shared a video showcasing the humanoid robot’s capabilities, such as sorting colored blocks and performing yoga stretches with its robotic limbs. Additionally, in December, he presented Optimus Gen 2 boiling eggs.

To recall, Tesla recently introduced Optimus, the latest model of their humanoid robot. This enhanced version showcases improved hands and foot force sensing capabilities, along with several other enhancements. Significantly, the robot now features tactile sensing on all fingers, surpassing its predecessor in terms of advancement.

The Optimus Gen 2 demonstrates remarkable improvements in both speed and weight, boasting a 30% increase in agility compared to its predecessor. It is noteworthy that this latest Tesla robot will be available in the market a mere nine months after the initial unveiling of the original Optimus robot.

The new Tesla humanoid robot retains the exceptional performance and endurance capabilities of its previous iteration. With its enhanced hands, it offers an impressive 11 degrees of freedom, enabling it to handle delicate and sensitive objects with greater efficiency.

Moreover, the robot is equipped with a neck that possesses 2 degrees of freedom, along with foot force/torque sensing and articulated toe sections that closely resemble the structure of a human foot.

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