December 2, 2023

On Saturday, the rapper Doja Cat stirred controversy by sharing a video on Instagram that some are characterizing as blackface. Blackface involves the use of makeup to darken a non-black person’s face, typically for the portrayal of a black person.

In the video, Doja Cat is featured in an interview with her blackface persona, sporting a burnt and bloody face, as part of a fictional talk show. When asked about her appreciation for fans and their support, she responds affirmatively, but her inner voice (represented by thought bubbles) expresses disdain for her fans, deeming them unintelligent.

The host responds with, “Nice. Love that, love that,” accompanied by cheers from the audience. The teaser’s caption reads “out Monday,” leaving the nature of Doja’s upcoming release a mystery.

Despite the anticipation, the rapper faced criticism for the video, with some suggesting self-cancellation, while others labelled it as racist. The comment section of @girlsinrap’s tweet captured a range of reactions.

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Interestingly, some viewers found humour in the video, praising Doja for her creative concept and noting that it aligns with her Scarlet era persona, characterized by fake blood. Reactions reflecting this perspective were also present.

In response to accusations of using blacface, Doja Cat took to her Instagram Stories, posting four images from her Scarlet era and strongly stating, “You have to be…a very special…kind…of f*cking stupid.”

This incident adds to the rapper’s history of controversial interactions with her fan base. Notably, during a Denver concert, she openly referred to her hit single “Say So” as a “cash grab” and accused the audience and her fans of falling for it, as reported by Hot New Hip Hop.

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