May 30, 2023

Me love cookies. Me love cookies simply as a lot as Cookie Monster. However, oh-oh, hearken to this, Cookie Monster’s cookies no actually cookies. Stunning, me know! They… they rice desserts painted to seem like cookies. Are you able to imagine it? Me hardly can!


In response to David Borgenicht’s “Sesame Road Unpaved” (by way of The Nice American Chocolate Chip Cookie E-book), the explanation Cookie Monster cannot have any cookies is two-fold. The chocolate and oil in regular cookies would flip the material of the Muppets greasy, and we assume that it is no picnic scrubbing melted chocolate and crumbs from the fur of a Muppet to start with. The secondary purpose for the light-weight “cookies” is that, because of Cookie Monster’s design, the “rice cookies” move via the house of Cookie Monster’s mouth and land harmlessly on the pinnacle of his puppeteer, stopping some messy bloopers.

Okay, me been lied to however me perceive the reasoning. Now gimme actual cookie. Nom nom nom!


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