February 26, 2024

Learn coding with this e-learning bundle and practice with Microsoft Visual Studio, both for $65.


Being one of today’s most in-demand, versatile skills, it’s no wonder that coding is a coveted art form. From building websites from the ground up to designing desktop and mobile apps to creating games, knowing how to code can bridge the gap between your professional dreams and the attainable. 

One effective way to get started could be this beginner’s bundle from StackSocial: 15 e-courses covering major programming languages and Microsoft Visual Studio. Get them both for life for $65 (reg. $1,999).

Study coding with a hands-on approach

You’ll discover courses covering Python, C++, MySQL and SQL, JavaScript, Dart with Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Unity, and more. Each language is capable of something unique: Python allows you to build web-based applications, while SQL creates databases for them, and Unity helps you design 2D or 3D games.

Consider what’s most important to you and your career. Maybe it’s being able to design a website for your business, cut outside developer costs by building a custom inventory system, or exploring a new concept for a video game. The excellent part about these independent courses and their self-paced nature is that you can take them in any order and completely at your leisure.

Start coding with in an intuitive environment

The other half of this coding bundle is a lifetime license to Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 for Windows. This development environment is nearly perfect for beginners by allowing you to code in your language of choice with handy tools. 

As you write, you could accept suggestions for next best sections, auto-complete lines or blocks of code, and spot mistakes with highlighted variables. You might also take advantage of collaboration features like custom editor settings, access controls, recent changes, and more when teaming up with other developers.

Your coding journey starts here, with this bundle of 15 e-courses and Microsoft Visual Studio for $65 (reg. $1,999).