February 29, 2024

BMW is currently in the process of creating a compact electric scooter that can be folded for easy transportation. The company aims to tap into the rapidly growing market for e-scooters and will be joining the ranks of other car manufacturers such as McLaren and Bugatti in the realm of electric mobility.

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According to GizmoChina, BMW is expanding its range of electric bikes and electric scooters, and a recent patent filing suggests that a folding electric scooter may be in the works.

The patent filing provides detailed information about the scooter’s design, but does not reveal its name. The filing falls under the Electric Small-Sized Vehicle category and includes sketches that showcase a folding frame for the e-scooter. This frame consists of a rear wheel, a frame, a footboard support, and a wheel folding mechanism.

The folding mechanism for the rear wheel allows the scooter to have a more compact form factor. Additionally, the model includes fold-down handlebars, making it easier to deploy into the urban public transportation system.

The folding mechanism of the BMW folding e-scooter filing is a significant topic of discussion. Unlike other models, this scooter does not fold the wheel over the footboard.

Instead, it features a slot where the rear wheel is placed. The folding mechanism consists of a first joint and a first pivot axis. By utilizing this joint, the scooter can be easily adjusted from its unfolded position to a folded position.

The BMW folding e-scooter is anticipated to be equipped with a front-wheel electric hub motor, delivering an output ranging from 500W to 1,400W. It remains uncertain whether the e-scooter will possess self-balancing capabilities, although achieving self-balancing would necessitate utilizing up to 60% of its power rating.

In order to comply with regulations for public roads in Europe, the BMW e-scooter is expected to have a maximum speed of 20km/h. Unfortunately, the dimensions of the e-scooter have not been disclosed in the patent.

Nevertheless, it is anticipated that the vehicle will be compact enough to be conveniently transported in a small car, bus, or train. The release date for the BMW folding e-scooter has not been specified, and it is plausible that the model will primarily target the thriving European micromobility market.

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