December 2, 2023

BIGBANG member G-Dragon faced police questioning on November 6 in connection with an ongoing drug use case. The rapper addressed the media and vehemently denied any involvement in illegal narcotics consumption, reiterating his commitment to revealing the truth.

G-Dragon clarified that he had no connection to drugs and emphasized his visit to the police station as an effort to set the record straight. Responding to questions about whether he had bleached his hair to avoid drug testing, he denied this allegation, asserting that he intentionally refrained from dyeing his hair.

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When questioned about his ties to the case involving a doctor accused of drug supply and an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, G-Dragon responded cautiously, stating, “We’ll have to see.”

In a message to his fans, the BANG BANG BANG rapper urged them not to worry excessively and assured them that he would cooperate fully with the police and return. As part of the ongoing investigation, G-Dragon is reported to undergo urine and hair tests to detect any traces of drug use.

The investigation into G-Dragon’s case began on October 25 when he was reported to be under police scrutiny for alleged drug use. In South Korea, recreational drug use is illegal. On October 27, the rapper officially denied the allegations against him.

The case gained prominence after Parasite actor Lee Sun Kyun was also reported to be booked for drug abuse. Both cases are under separate investigations, and the celebrities are prohibited from traveling abroad while the inquiries are ongoing. Notably, the actor’s hair test results came back negative for drugs, and on November 5, he claimed to have been deceived into consuming drugs by an adult entertainment establishment manager.

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