March 1, 2024

Some members of Apple’s Vision Products Group believe that it may require up to four consecutive iterations of the Apple Vision Pro headset to achieve its “ideal form”.

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According to well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, some members of the team working on Apple’s headset believe that there is a significant amount of work that needs to be done before the device can be deemed polished and suitable for everyday use by customers.

Although Apple’s development team has not explicitly defined the device’s “ideal form,” one can gather insights from early adopters who have encountered challenges with both the hardware and software of the first-generation device.

Numerous Vision Pro users express their dissatisfaction with the weight and unwieldiness of the headset, which hinders its prolonged usage. Therefore, achieving a significant reduction in size across generations becomes a pivotal benchmark for enhancement.

Additional criticisms encompass inadequate battery life, insufficient dedicated applications, and an abundance of bugs in visionOS.

According to sources cited by 9to5Mac, Apple plans to acquire Brighter AI, a German AI startup that specializes in anonymizing face and license plate data. This acquisition is intended to improve the privacy capabilities of Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset, Vision Pro.

Apple is currently assessing Brighter AI’s technology as a potential remedy to reduce the likelihood of Apple Vision Pro capturing identifiable information in public images or videos, according to a report. It is important to note that such concerns are typically not a cause for alarm when using an iPhone to capture footage.

However, the discreet video shooting capability of Apple Vision Pro, in comparison to other smartphones, may raise some concerns.

Moreover, this technology could also prove advantageous for future devices that aim to make photo and video capture more inconspicuous. As mentioned in the report, when utilizing Vision Pro for media capture, a subtle visual indication appears on the front panel.

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