February 26, 2024

Apple’s Vision Pro preorders open today, but with prices starting at $3,500, it’s certainly not for everyone. Fortunately, if you’re wanting to dip your toes into the waters of virtual reality, there are plenty of affordable Vision Pro alternatives, and a bunch of them are discounted right now.

VR games offer an immersive experience that traditional gaming just can’t match, and beyond just gaming, you can use VR headsets to stream content, browse the web, chat with friends and more. 

So, if dropping used car levels of money isn’t on your to-do list today, peep the below VR deals for some discounts on headsets from Meta, Xreal and more. 

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Apple Vision Pro alternative deals

A VR headset, the Quest 3, on a yellow table
Scott Stein/CNET

The Quest VR/AR headsets are likely the ones you are most familiar with. The latest model, the Meta Quest 3, is now available for under $500 and, if you buy one at Newegg, you’ll score the headset bundled with Asgard’s Wrath 2, as it is at other retailers, but you’ll also score $15 in Meta Quest credit to spend on content, apps and services from the Meta Quest Store. If you upgrade to the 512GB model, you’ll get the same free game, plus a $25 gift card and six free months of Meta Quest Plus, but this package will set you back $650. 

A Meta Quest 2 headset and controllers against a gray background.

Ditch Apple’s pricey Vision Pro in favor of the affordable Meta Quest 2 and all you’ll have to spend is $249. This device previously went for $300, but Meta recently announced that the holiday pricing of $249 would be sticking around. Better yet, buy your Quest 2 at Walmart and you’ll get $50 back in Meta Quest Store credit to spend on apps, games and services. 

XReal AR/VR Glasses at CES 2024
John Kim/CNET

Xreal makes a few models of its AR glasses, and all of them are discounted by 5% for the new year if you shop direct. Unfortunately, these discounts aren’t being matched on the Xreal Amazon storefront. We’ve reviewed the original Xreal Air and Xreal Air 2 Pro, and we just went eyes-on with the (not-yet-available) Xreal Air 2 Ultra this month at CES. Prices start at $284 in this sale, so you’ve got the opportunity to take your first steps into the world of AR computing without breaking the bank.


These glasses will display a 55-inch 1080p virtual screen right in front of your eyes, letting you get in the game from wherever you’re comfortable. They’re compatible with a number of devices including Steam Deck, the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro and all gaming consoles. Plus, if you have two pairs, you can connect them to the same device for things like two-player gaming on the Nintendo Switch.

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer smart glasses

OK, so this one isn’t on sale, and isn’t really a VR competitor, but the Ray-Ban Metas are some of the best looking smart glasses on the market right now and are proving to be popular on TikTok. At just $299, they aren’t that much more expensive than regular Ray-Bans but add a handy camera for capturing point-of-view photos and videos and speakers for listening to music. Plus, their new Meta AI assistant can respond to your voice commands and use the cameras to interpret the world around you, making them a super-interesting AR device. 

PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle

If it’s a VR gaming experience you’re after and you’re already set up with a PS5, then the PSVR 2 is the headset to check out. Currently, the only deal available for the PSVR 2 is a bundle including Horizon Call of the Mountain. Getting the headset and game at the same time saves you $10 over buying the game after the fact, so it’s worth grabbing if you know it’s a title you want to pick up. 

Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset
Scott Stein/CNET

For the majority of folks, the Meta Quest 3 is a better and more affordable choice than the Quest Pro. It’s newer, features higher resolution displays and is lighter, let alone the fact it is half the price. But there are reasons Meta is continuing to sell the Quest Pro, and if its mini-LED display tech, additional RAM and features like eye- and face-tracking meet your needs better, you can score an $81 discount on it at Amazon. And at $919, it’s still much cheaper than the Vision Pro.

A pair of VR glasses, sitting on a white table
Scott Stein/CNET

This convertible XR headset offers both augmented and virtual reality as well as eye- and face-tracking along with high-resolution passthrough. You can connect this headset to a PC or use the headset as a standalone and expect up to two hours of runtime. It also has a counterweight for a more balanced and comfortable fit.

The Pimax Crystal VR headset and two controllers are displayed against a yellow background.

Usually $1,799, the Pimax Crystal focuses on visual clarity with dual QLED plus mini-LED panels with 5,760×2,880 resolution and support for local dimming. It can work as a tethered headset with a PC or in standalone mode.