February 23, 2024

In March, Apple officially announced that iOS 17.4 will be launched, bringing along a multitude of fresh features and modifications for the iPhone. iOS 17.4 introduces several noteworthy enhancements, such as significant modifications to the App Store in the EU, the addition of Apple Podcasts transcripts, the inclusion of SharePlay for the HomePod, and a fresh set of emojis.

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Additionally, this update incorporates necessary preparations for the upcoming release of next-generation CarPlay, scheduled for later this year.

Apple has recently unveiled significant modifications to the App Store, Apple Pay, Safari, and other services in order to adhere to the regulations set forth by the EU’s Digital Markets Act. These updates are set to be integrated into iOS 17.4, catering specifically to iPhone users residing in the 27 EU member countries.

Beginning from iOS 17.4, the Apple Podcasts application has introduced a new feature of providing transcripts for podcasts. This enables listeners to access the complete text of an episode, search for particular words or phrases, and conveniently navigate to specific parts of the episode by tapping on the desired text.

Moreover, while an episode is being played, each word is emphasized, resembling the highlighting of song lyrics in Apple Music.

From iOS 17.4 onwards, Apple has extended the SharePlay music control functionality to include HomePod speakers. This new feature enables your family and friends to have control over the music being played on your HomePod, but only if you grant them permission.

Currently, this capability is limited to the Music app, and it does not necessitate an Apple Music subscription for others to join in.

iOS 17.4 introduces a range of fresh emoji options, such as a fractured chain, a brown mushroom, a head tilting side to side, a head nodding up and down, a lime, and a phoenix.

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